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NCH Chiropractic
Welcome to North College Hill Chiropractic Center. North College Hill Chiropractic Center has been in operation for over 50 years in North College Hill. It started out with Dr. George Flowers, who was in practice for 35 years. Dr. Hafele has been here since January of 1991.
Dr. Hafele is a Cincinnati native. He grew up in College Hill, and attended Roger Bacon High School and Xavier University. From there he moved to Marietta, GA, which is right above Atlanta and attended chiropractic college for four years. After his graduation, Dr. Hafele moved to St. Petersburg, FL and practiced chiropractic where his brother Ted was also a chiropractor.
After one year in Florida, Dr. Hafele decided that he enjoyed visiting Florida but did not enjoy living there. He chose to move back to Cincinnati, where he met Dr. George Flowers. Dr. Flowers was in the process of retiring and sold the practice to Dr. Hafele.
Our office is very cozy and homey. It is in a residential neighborhood on Hamilton Avenue. The building is an old three story house that was built in 1927. Our facility is filled with modern equipment to better care for our patients.
Dr. Hafele enjoys his practice. In his spare time, he plays soccer on several different teams. He is a Boy Scout assistant troop leader for his son’s Boy Scout Troop. He enjoys all outdoor activities and goofing off with his four children.
Please take the opportunity to peruse our photos on our website that will show our extensive equipment for maintaining patient wellness.